Why us?

  1. We are experienced trial attorneys and will try a case to a jury when the settlement offer is unacceptable or unjust.
  2. We care. We fight for our clients.
  3. We are selective of the clients we choose to represent so that we can provide the best possible representation to our clients.
  4. We provide professional representation. We are experienced criminal and civil attorneys who are knowledgeable about the law, and recognized by our peers.
  5. We are dedicated to getting the best possible results for each of our clients.
  6. We are accessible to you throughout your case. We never delegate work to less experienced attorneys. The attorney you hire is the attorney who will work your case and walk with you through the process.
  7. We never represent insurance companies, corporations or the government; only people in need of help.
  8. We thoroughly investigate our cases and are knowledgeable about our clients’ unique circumstances.
  9. We give back to our community with sponsorships and by participating as board members on local and state organizations.
  10. The initial consultation is free for civil cases, and most criminal cases.

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