Outstanding Warrants and MVD License Holds

If you have an unresolved case in New Mexico, and the Court has issued a “failure to appear” or a warrant, a hold will likely be put on your driver’s license by the New Mexico motor vehicle department.

This hold will not only prevent you from renewing your driver’s license in New Mexico, but it will also prevent you from renewing your license in other states.

In order for you to renew your license, you must get a clearance from the Court, and the only way to do that is to resolve the warrant and/or “failure to appear.”

Sometimes you can do this simply by contacting the court and entering a plea of guilty/no contest. However, if the charges in the case against you carry even the possibility of time in jail you will need to have a lawyer help you resolve the case.

Once the warrant and/or failure to appear is resolved, you can request the court send clearance to MVD or that they give you a copy of a clearance so that you may go to MVD yourself and renew your license.

Normally, McGraw & Strickland is able to take care of the license hold quickly and our clients get their license back within a few weeks. 

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