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Theft is a very general term that covers many specific crimes. There are many different kinds of theft crimes. Some of the most common in New Mexico are:

  • Larceny: stealing personal property, like a television set or a car
  • Embezzlement: taking something of value that the owner has entrusted to you
  • Computer abuse: using a computer to alter records
  • Selling encumbered property: selling or in some other way taking property on which someone else has a lien, without their consent
  • Fraud: taking anything of value by means of deception

All of the above crimes are charged based on the value of the item taken or damage done.

  • $250 or less: petty misdemeanor
  • Over $250, but less than $500: misdemeanor
  • Over $500, but less than $2,500: fourth degree felony
  • Over $2,500, but less than $20,000: third degree felony
  • Over $20,000: second degree felony

Note: For theft of certain types of items like firearms, livestock, and vehicles, these penalties are increased.

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Extortion: threatening another to obtain anything of value or to compel that person to do or not do something.

  • Third degree felony

Burglary: entering a house, business, car, or other structure with the intent to commit a theft or felony while inside

  • Burglary of a home is a third degree felony
  • Burglary of anything besides a home is a fourth degree felony

Aggravated burglary: burglary involving a deadly weapon or one in which there is a battery

  • Second degree felony

Robbery: taking anything from another by force or threat of force

  • Third degree felony

Aggravated robbery (or armed robbery): robbery in which the robber is armed with a deadly weapon.

First conviction: second degree felony
Second conviction for armed robbery: first degree felony

Issuing a worthless check: giving a check in exchange for something of value, knowing at the time of the issuing the check that there are insufficient funds for payment of the check.

  • Check valued between $1 and not more than $25: special misdemeanor
  • Check valued at $25 or more: special felony

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