Dangerous / Distracted / Drunk Driving

Every year in New Mexico hundreds of innocent drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, are injured by the dangerous driving of others.

Dangerous driving can cost victims in terms of physical injury, psychological trauma, and sometimes death.

There is no excuse for a driver who puts others at unreasonable risk of harm, and that driver should be held accountable for his or her actions.

When dangerous driving is done by a professional (e.g. school bus drivers, truck drivers, and drivers of company vehicles) there are frequently problems with hiring, training, and retention of these professional drivers. Companies should make the safety of others on the road a top priority, and when it fails to do so it should be held fully responsible.

In many cases, insurance companies have insured against the injuries caused by dangerous driving and you can recover monetarily for your loss.

Drunk Driving

It’s no secret that driving and alcohol don’t mix. It’s also no secret that every year many people have their lives destroyed by drunk driving.

There is no excuse for putting others on the road at risk. If you have been a victim, you should speak to an attorney to get help.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become an increasingly serious problem as cell phones have become common place and many drivers still choose to put others in danger by using a cell phone while driving.

If you have been injured by any form of dangerous, distracted, or drink driving you should consult with an attorney as soon as you can.

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