Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Las Cruces Bike Accident LawyersAny anyone who crosses a street, walks through a parking lot or rides their bicycle near  is at risk for being involved in a pedestrian collision.  Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible, but anyone can be injured by a careless or distracted driver. Unfortunately, due to pedestrians’ vulnerability, these types of accidents frequently have tragic results, often resulting serious injuries or death. The New Mexico pedestrian accident attorneys at McGraw & Strickland have substantial experience helping injured pedestrians and the families of wrongful death victims obtain compensation from negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents are More Common Than You Think

In 2010 in New Mexico, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle every 24 hours.

Pedetrian and Pedalcyclist Crashes Graph

In New Mexico, there were 392 pedestrian-involved crashes and 340 bicycle-vehicle crashes in 2010.

New Mexico Attorneys for Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Driver negligence is the most common cause of pedestrian accidents. Examples of negligent driving that frequently result in pedestrian accidents in New Mexico include:

  • Speeding
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Ignoring crosswalks
  • Talking on the phone, texting, or eating while driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

While many of these examples are violations of New Mexico law, it is not necessary for a driver to break the law in order to be liable for injuries caused in an accident.

Sometimes, pedestrian injuries are the result of inadequate or poorly marked crosswalks, improperly timed lights, and other problems with the roads themselves. At McGraw and Strickland, our New Mexico pedestrian accident attorneys are skilled at analyzing the circumstances involved in pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents, and we can help you determine from whom you may be entitled to receive compensation for your losses.

The Law Firm of McGraw & Strickland Can Help You

The lawyers at McGraw & Strickland hope you never need an attorney but if you do, you need to hire a lawyer that will do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve.

When you are injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, you can be out of work for weeks, possibly even months.  It’s an unfortunate fact but insurance companies make more money when they can deny a claim.  If you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, you may lose your right to make a claim.   You also have a limited time to make a legal claim.  You need an accident lawyer who knows the laws in New Mexico; a lawyer who will everything possible to help you recover as much money as possible under the law.

The personal injury attorneys at McGraw & Strickland are experienced trial attorneys. We understand the profound effect such accidents can have both on the injured person and their family. We realize that many times people are unable to work, unable to pay their bills and have trouble dealing with insurance companies because of pedestrian and bicycle accident injuries. We can answer your questions and work with insurance companies and their attorneys to obtain compensation for your injuries and missed work.  Our personal injury attorneys have an excellent track record of obtaining fair compensation for clients who have been injured through no fault of their own.

There are two primary sources of recovery for injuries suffered as a result of a bad driver in New Mexico:  liability insurance and uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist coverage.  Even if the at-fault driver does not have adequate insurance, we may still be able to help obtain compensation for you.

If you or a family member have been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, the hard-working and compassionate attorneys at McGraw & Strickland can help.  We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients.  Call us today.

Statistics and Graphs:

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